holiday decor trends

Photo by Alexa Webb

Christmas is right around the corner and we CANNOT wait! Wrapping up 2021 in bright colors and fun metals is the way to go this holiday season. So leave the classic red and green in storage and don’t feel guilty heading to your favorite home decor store to buy all new decorations to keep up with holiday decor trends. Before you grab your keys and head out, keep reading to get an idea of what to look for. 

Keep in mind when shopping for “trendy items” do so because you are loving the trend.  That being said, these fun new trends this holiday season feel like they are here to stay for many seasons to come.

When shopping this year, be on the lookout for oversized decorations with a play on scale. Whether that’s with dramatically large tree ornaments, big chunky garland, or even huge lawn ornaments! Don’t worry, these Dr. Seuss-looking ornaments are inflatable which makes them easy to store in the off-season.

The best part about this trend is that it works with different existing decor in your home, as well as wall colors. If you have dark and moody walls or bright blues or oranges these colors will work much better than your traditional red and green holiday decorations. Even if you have clean white walls, the pops of color will bring a smile to your face.

holiday decor trends

Photo by The Pioneer Woman

For example, the image shown here gives a fun example of texturized large ornaments as opposed to plastic or glass ones. This option is also very kid/toddler friendly and pet friendly! However, your cat might get a little too excited with these giant yarn balls.

That being said, fun and unique textures and finishes are another feature to look for when shopping to satisfy this year’s holiday decor trends. Like those felt or yarn garland that mimic your favorite oversized Christmas sweater, or sparkly tinsel that brings you back to your childhood Christmas tree.

holiday decor trends

Photo by My Simpatico Life

This brings cozy and comfortable textures into your space as opposed to your ordinary plastic figurines. Shiny and glittery pieces to contrast natural materials such as jute or twine are also a creative and unique look. Consider a flocked tree this year as well to make the color story pop.

Another great aspect about this trend is that there are tons of DIY decorations you can do with your friends, or even bring in the little ones to get creative. Opening the options to different colors, textures and patterns offers the opportunity to make it personal and unique. This also saves money and gets rid of random arts and crafts leftover from the year.

Taking a moment to clean out your drawers of any loose odds or ends to make something fun and useful out of it is great for the environment and gets rid of clutter. Talk about a win all around!

For those who aren’t into bright colors or jewel tones, gingham print and tartan plaid are also predicted to be a popular pattern this year— more than ever! These classic patterns are great to add pops of color with or even bring in fun metals to modernize and make it unique. You can also use different color plaids! A great way to incorporate this pattern onto your tree could be with fabric-covered ornaments, a lovely tree skirt or by adding pieces of ribbon throughout your tree.

Bright and whimsical colors, shapes and sizes as well as classic patterns done in a new way are guaranteed to create a unique and fun space during this holiday season that is sure to inspire and be a statement piece in your home.