Nowadays designing commercial spaces can be an easy task that doesn’t require a total revamp or acquiring difficult-to-come-by furniture. In recent years there has been a lot of focus on sustainability and it has made its way into interior design trends in Long Beach.

As the majority of the population spends over half their day in offices it is important that the space reflects their productivity but is also kept in an updated style. Historia has top interior designers at Long Beach to help you achieve the sleek looks and best functionality of the 2021 design trends.

Ideal Interior Lighting

Quality lighting can make a significant difference in a constructive work environment. As natural light is the most favorable option, keep a lookout for big windows or south-facing office space to maximize natural light potential. If the office space doesn’t have adequate exposure, our interior decorators at Redondo Beach can assist with layering the light. Experiment with different sources such as recessed lighting or a charming desk lamp which should aim at the most important workspaces. Have lights that can be adjusted to whichever intensity is best suited at the time. Consider which blue or yellow tones would lighten the mood of the commercial space.

Going Green

Plants can have a positive psychological effect on humans as we tend to have an instinctive draw to nature. They bring more oxygen into the work environment and create a more lively color palette in an office setting. Interior designers in the Long Beach area start to take on biophilic trends by adding a few spots of greenery to give commercial spaces a happy, healthy look while also benefitting employees.

Wooden wonders

Wood has been making more appearances in 2021 and can give any office area the perfect natural touch. Being such a versatile material wooden features have branched out from being just floor and walls to furniture such as a tree stump recreated into a coffee table. These features add texture and warmth to the conventional workspace. In smaller office spaces wooden panels with linear patterns can be used to create the illusion of depth. Wooden paneling can also be used to reduce problematic noise pollution and still look good inside the office.