Renovation spending is on the rise and kitchens seem to be a priority for U.S. residents, according to the latest Houzz study. 89% of participants surveyed are turning to professionals to complete their remodel, compelling top interior designers in Long Beach to weigh in on the 2022 kitchen trend forecast. 

Contrasting Colors 

We’re seeing this across the board— although the white and grey coastal color scheme is a stubborn trend to dissolve, we’re starting to see blacks, blues and greens taking reign in 2022. Neutrals are a notoriously safe palette choice, but we’re noticing a bold evolution to lighter, more nuanced greens from Long Beach interior designers. 

Contrasting two-tone combinations with solid colors and textured, wood-look laminates are also rising in popularity— combining shades of green with the wooden element offers the organic feel homeowners seem to be gravitating toward. 

Overall, we’re sensing that residents are seeking a natural presence within their home, the “outside-in” feel with plants, organic textures and natural patterns.  

Statement Lighting

You’ll hear this with any form of visual art: lighting is key. Interior design is no exception— you’ll notice that top interior designers in Long Beach are emphasizing statement lighting for its optic functionality and ability to visually transform a room. 

Whether you’re looking for the minimalist approach or you’re leaning toward the busier “lived-in” appeal, adding statement lighting to your kitchen can illuminate the space and give you that little something extra. Chandeliers or pendants above an island and table lights that focus attention on the backsplash or countertops are a great way to accent your kitchen. 

Functional Layouts

Those looking for a full-fledged kitchen overhaul are shifting to a more versatile design, prioritizing multifunctionality and personalization. High-tech appliances, beverage refrigerators and counter space seem to be the upgrade of the year as focus is centered on convenience and performance.

With more people working from home in 2022, flexible layouts that offer workstations, zoom-friendly backdrops and other useful operating zones throughout the kitchen area are gaining popularity— and Long Beach interior designers are taking note. 

Working with Top Interior Designers in Long Beach 

Historia Design is one of the top interior designers in Long Beach, specializing in modernizing with integrity through design and historic property consulting services. Not only do we stay in front of interior design trends, we believe that every space should celebrate the personality and style of its inhabitants. 

Our tailored approach couples our longstanding expertise with homeowners’ aspirations to create functional spaces that exceed expectations while remaining true to their desired aesthetic. 

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