Keeping up with trends can be tricky and time-consuming. You can take hours to research the latest interior design trends and still spend hours, if not days recreating them in your home.

Fall is a naturally beautiful time of the year. Warm tones of red, orange and yellow shine through the grey mist and rainy days. Interior design trends this year call for your home to glow with things that bring warmth and avoid letting spaces become dull or redundant.

Here are this year’s fall interior design trends:

Show Off Personal Items

Where is that lamp you love but your guests think is odd? Or that strange statue you thrifted but realized didn’t fit on the shelf? Dust it off and bring it out.

Trends this fall encourage you to take out those custom, weird and wonderful items that make your home uniquely and distinctly yours.

Natural Tones

Interior design trends often play with color therapy and psychology. Colors have a bigger impact than you might realize, and we’re encouraging our readers to utilize this hack when designing their home.

Blue is famous for being a calming color, but the room might feel more powerful than you if you get it wrong. Play it safe with a mix of soft, natural tones. This palette was chosen to bring a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere into any space.

Exploring Textures

Exploring textures goes hand-in-hand with the color scheme interior design trends are calling for this fall. You can get creative by introducing natural tones while experimenting with different textures in your fabrics and furniture.

Grainy, wooden cabinets, chunky knitted blankets and furry pillows can induce a cozy mood without the need for ‘calming’ colors that might be out of fashion by next season.

Historia Design Can Help You Stay on Top of Trends

As winter months arrive and we start spending more time inside, our home’s interior becomes more relevant and meaningful. Interior design trends this fall aim to make your home a welcoming and warm space.

Historia Design is feeling inspired this fall— schedule a virtual design consultation with us today!