You’ve seen the instructional Youtube videos and inspirational TikTok trends, now it’s time to DIY! Interior design in Cerritos is all about self-expression— not only will you save money on customized items, but it can also be a fun project you can be proud of completing. 

Here are some creative ways to DIY your surroundings: 

Preparation: Getting Inspired 

Are you hopping on the 80s trend? Want to bring the outdoors in? Big on textures in the home? Whatever your style, there are thousands of resources available to help you get inspired! Pinterest is one of our personal favorites— whatever look you’re hoping to accomplish, we guarantee there are countless examples of inventive ideas on the app. Top interior designers in Cerritos will often reference their clients’ Pinterest boards to help accomplish their desired aesthetic. 

1. DIY Plant Hangers 

Everyone loves a happy hanging plant. DIY hangers and shelves for foliage are one simple way to accent your space. If you’re going for a more natural feel, we recommend this cute DIY plant hanger from Fairyland Cottage. Looking for something even easier? This air plant holder tutorial can inspire creative ways to display miniature plants in the home. 

2. DIY Blanket Ladder

Top interior designers in Cerritos are all about style and functionality— this DIY rustic blanket ladder provides both for under $15. This effective storage idea helps clear clutter and exhibit your cute, textured blankets. 

3. Revamp Your Coffee Table 

Depending on your current living room centerpiece, there are hundreds of tutorials available to redesign or build a personalized and unique coffee table! It can be as simple as restaining, or as complex as starting from scratch— if you’re looking to DIY interior design in Cerritos, we’d recommend thrifting and/or revamping your current coffee table! 

Hire Top Interior Designers in Cerritos 

We know that sometimes you can’t just DIY everything— if you’re looking for an in-depth redesign of your space, Historia Design can help! 

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