We’ve all been itching for a little newness in our domains, and the beginning of the year is the perfect time to revitalize your home. You don’t necessarily need a home interior designer in Long Beach— here are four practical tips to get it done without expending too much time, energy or resources: 

1. Rearrange Your Furnishings

This method is 100% free of charge and can add a sense of newness with minimal effort (depending on how heavy your furniture is). Get creative with rearranging your furnishings, from couches to chairs to rugs to decor— you’ll likely find some fun, inventive ways to restructure your space and make it feel brand new. 

2. Refurbish Some Items

It’s time to come up with some fun projects for yourself! Paint that beige wall you hate, refurbish the nightstand you’re sick of, add shelves to your coffee table— anything that will add a pop of self-expression and change the way you visualize and interact with your environment. 

Pro Tip: If you’re looking for more than just a light refresh, reach out to a home interior designer in Long Beach for consulting or design services.  

3. Change Out Lighting Fixtures (10/10 Recommended by Home Interior Designers in Long Beach)

The impact of well-placed accent lighting is everything. Switching up lighting fixtures throughout your home can breathe new life into your domain, without expending too much energy or money. Choose pieces that set the tone for a fresh, new environment. 

4. Purge Your Space

You don’t have to add or rearrange things to change it up— sometimes it’s all about subtracting! Remove the old junk you always think you’re going to need one day (but never do), from your office, bedroom, kitchen or playroom. Clearing out clutter opens up your space and makes it feel larger. You can also make some extra cash selling your items! 

A Top Home Interior Designer in Long Beach 

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