Spaces that we spend a lot of time in are important. This can be the lounge, kitchen, or office. How these spaces look has a bigger impact than any of us might realize, but you don’t have to make costly and timely changes. These are the 5 secrets that an interior designer in Long Beach would use to make a space have a positive impact from the moment you enter the room:

Pastel color palette

Our interior designers in Long Beach suggest letting the ocean inspire you. To do this, stick to a softer palette. An interior designer in Long Beach can help you choose the most suitable color scheme to give the room a warm atmosphere.

Light and bright

Immediately feeling good when entering a certain area is essential for any interior designer in Long Beach. Keeping it light and bright will make the whole space feel relaxed. Natural light is a good way to keep up with the hours of the day and feel connected to the world outside.

Bifold and French doors

Any interior designer in Long Beach will agree that bifold doors and French doors are the way to get that pristine but beachy look. These two changes alone have the power to totally transform any room into a beautiful place and are easy to match with many styles.

Comfortable outdoors

Most interior decorators in Long Beach are passionate about having a welcoming outdoor area where you, your family, and guests can enjoy all times of the day. If you have an outdoor area, get an interior designer in Long Beach to help you make it the best space in your home or office.

Small rug, big impact

Something as simple as a throw can define an area and add color and style to a room’s theme. Interior decorators in Long Beach can advise exactly how to get a rug that has such an impact on a space.

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