Many of us have been spending more time at home, and those in the Seal Beach interior design business are trying to find creative ways to liven up residents’ spaces. Here are some tips we’ve found that will make your home Instagram-worthy:

1. Declutter

Think of all those curated photos of pretty homes— they look wonderful but they’re not real. Those in the Seal Beach interior design realm want to help find the balance between real life and a curated appearance. Decluttering will bring unique pieces to light, yet still remind viewers and visitors that someone actually lives there. Removing unnecessary clutter and finding creative storage alternatives are two great ways to consolidate your space.

2. Color Pop

You probably want your space to feel homey with a modern touch. Seal Beach interior designers know that the best way to do this is with pops of mood-setting colors that can either bring calmness or vibrancy, depending on the room.

3. Big Mirrors

Large, framed mirrors are a great way to add depth and give the illusion of a bigger space— they’ll also provide a stylish spot to take photos. Adding mirrors that match the aesthetic of your home will help bring it to life while acting as a useful prop for Instagram photos.

4. Natural Light

Time and time again we hear about natural light. But how to keep that soft glow in the night? Imitate daylight during darker hours by using lamps and soft overhanging light. Avoid harsh lighting from above, as they create unflattering scenery and won’t enhance photos. Lamps can also be a way of filling up unused space.

5. Pretty in Green

Seal Beach interior designers know that residents tend to be lovers of plants. Even a little plant can go a long way in making your home look livelier. Nature is received well by the human brain, so we are drawn to spaces that have plants. Whether it’s the living room or bedroom, a plant can be a great finishing touch or even a centerpiece.

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