When you redesign your space, you’re going to live with it for weeks, months, even years to come. As top interior designers in Long Beach, we’re not expecting you to stay on top of every trend, we’re simply hoping to inspire you with an outside perspective that shows you what captivates your peers in their spaces. Interior design is all about self-expression nowadays— choose a vibe that represents you. 

With that being said, we’re already seeing momentum with these 2023 design trends: 

Vibrant Colors (Goodbye Monochromatism!) 

Nothing screams internal delight like vibrant colors and spirited hues. Serotonin-boosting palettes that empower self-expression are here to stay, whether it comes in accents or overtakes a space fully. It’s essential to add contrast and dimension to your home to cleanse the overtly clinical monochromatic vibe that has reigned for decades. 

For a more subtle taste of the vibrance, try deeper hues of greens, blues and other earth tones. We’re seeing a lot of experimentation when it comes to choosing a color scheme that works for your disposition. Shades of pinks and browns provide a more understated transition into vibrancy and are anticipated to be this year’s trendy colors, according to the best interior designers in Long Beach. 

Superiorly Crafted Furnishings 

Fast, simplistic furniture and decor, while adequate for their time, have proven a fleeting trend that can be chalked up to the minimalistic movement, accessibility and cost-efficiency. We’re not saying you have to go out and splurge on a new dining room set or spend thousands on an ultramodern couch, but craftsmanship is essential to the longevity of your furnishings, as well as the comfort your space exudes. 

Top interior designers in Long Beach recommend overstated decor or furniture that can be bought at a comparable cost to your fast furnishings. Just remember— this year is all about self-expression, find items that make you feel represented in your space. 

Retro Eclecticism

We’ve talked about it before— past trends are coming full circle when it comes to interior design. Last year, we saw a wave of 70s-inspired spaces, with the re-emergence of greens and browns, retro furniture and multi-textured designs. We’re not saying you have to dive head first into this era or overcrowd your space with clutter, but the retro eclecticism styles are taking root in the design world. 

You don’t have to worry about matching every color, texture or piece of decor to tie the room together cohesively. Buy that funky nightstand, splurge on those colorful drapes— choose to fill your home with items that represent you. Minimalism is out. 

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