Cerritos interior designers are noting the rapid shift from the hands-off, minimalistic approach to a more indulgent functionality in the home. 

Residents are gravitating toward versatility, seeking to create spaces that emphasize functionality and comfortability— after all, homes have become our offices, daycares, gyms, entertainment hubs and safe-havens.  

Here are some design aspects top interior designers in Cerritos suggest to make your space more versatile:

Disguised Storage 

Both minimalists and maximalists can agree on one thing: unnecessary clutter is not flattering. Sure, maximalism encourages a busier aesthetic, but save the disarray for plants, decor and divergent patterns. 

There are a variety of ways to declutter a space without the need for tacky, oversized storage. Hidden cubbies, wall-mounted furnishings and clever storage furniture are three resources Cerritos interior designers recommend to enhance both comfort and functionality in your multiuse spaces. 

Clever Lighting 

Well-placed lighting can add another dimension to a home, drawing attention to your favorite elements and adding vitality to the interior. Hanging accent lighting or strategically placed floor and table pieces will prove both practical and charming in any home. 

If you’re looking for more established illumination, architectural lighting takes into account aesthetic, functionality and energy efficiency, optimizing the space while accounting for use and ergonomics. 

Colors that Promote Productivity 

Color is trending in the interior design realm, as greys and whites begin to phase out in 2022. Bold pigments and two-tone complexions are in— so why not keep up with the trend while promoting productivity in your home?

One particular movement we’re seeing is the return of blues and greens. Blue is an intellectual and soothing color that helps calm the environment and aids concentration. Greens provide a welcome balance between bolder primary colors, promoting a sense of reassurance and composure. 

Partner with Top Interior Designers in Cerritos

Historia Design is well versed in the evolution of interior spaces. We’ve watched primarily decorative, virtually unused rooms develop into office areas, libraries and centers for entertainment— in fact, we’ve been a catalyst in that movement. 

As one of the top interior designers in Cerritos and surrounding areas, we’re ready to transform your home into a warm, versatile space perfect for any function. 

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