Home interior designers in Long Beach often create unique variations of classic design styles— of course, the blueprints for locational design depend largely on the environment, the inhabitant’s individual background and their overall vision and desires for their home. 

Here are some classic styles top interior designers in Long Beach like to reference: 


Contemporary style represents a cutting-edge take on modernity, following current trends and evolving with or ahead of the times. Although many might think of contemporary as cold and minimalistic, it can also embody the warm and homier styles— it’s entirely up to the designer and homeowner. 

Home interior designers in Long Beach often work off the design elements of contemporary styles, with neutral colors, crisp visible lines and bold furnishings to give a space a sleek and innovative look.  


A culmination of traditional and contemporary, transitional interior design adds an air of sophistication to classic styles, and Long Beach interior design is all too familiar with its popularity. Many would describe transitional design as having a resort-style, luxe feel to it. 

Modern lighting, balanced space and comfort are three priorities of this look— something top interior designers in Long Beach have mastered to an art. 


Of course, the light and airy aesthetics of coastal interior design are one of the common styles in much of Southern California. Shades of blue and green mixed with neutrals inspired by the ocean offer a relaxed yet tasteful finish. 

Top interior designers in Long Beach are often finding new, creative ways to incorporate a coastal theme with other classic styles. 

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