We’re well into December and the holidays are right around the corner— you probably don’t have time to reach out to interior design firms in Long Beach, but there are ways you can open up your space before the family is in town. 

Here are some quick and easy design hacks to make your space appear larger:

Lighting is Everything 

Using lighting is one of the most common ways to open up a space without actually having to do much work. Open your curtains during the daytime and take advantage of your lamps and accent lighting at night. Your home will naturally feel larger, and you’ll be able to feel the enhanced psychological effects of brighter spaces. 


We cannot emphasize this enough— put anything away that you won’t be using until 2023! If your home is filled with unnecessary furniture, decor, and guests, you’ll feel overloaded during the holiday season. Extra cookware, unused toys, inapplicable decor and unnecessary furniture can take a backseat during the holiday season. 

Perceived Boundaries (Not Real Ones) 

We might be tempted to physically close off spaces with furniture, but instead, try using cohesive changes in your decor to create subtle boundaries. Rugs are a great way to define a space without closing it off altogether. Furnishings you might otherwise use to differentiate rooms can fall into the category of holiday clutter— leave it in the garage for now! 

The Best Among Interior Design Firms in Long Beach

Of course, if you’re looking for more permanent solutions to open up your space, turning to professional interior designers might be your best bet! Historia Design is a top-rated interior design firm, servicing Long Beach, Los Angeles and surrounding areas. We believe that every home should celebrate the personality and desired aesthetic of its inhabitants and provide every service necessary to make that happen. 

We’ve already begun booking for 2023— contact us for a free consultation.