Break out the floral prints, damask printed wallpaper, and start sourcing window valances because granny chic— aka grand-millennial or faded glamour— is making a comeback in 2022. Since thrifting is at an all-time high due to it being both sustainable and less expensive, we are seeing older items being used more and more in rooms, especially with dishware, upholstered furniture, and lamps. Maximalists and Neo-victorian lovers everywhere are here for this aesthetic—and honestly so am I.

The minimalist or monochromatic look has had its time and it is lovely; however, being at home more often we want to be able to not only express our individuality but also be surrounded by items that tell a story of who we are and what we like. Walking into a space that is so uniquely you will immediately spark joy and the best part—it is one of a kind.

We tend to think being “on-trend” means the best way to go, but interior design is so much more than that. You want to buy items and create looks that make you happy or trigger a memory, and sometimes that means mixing patterns. Grand-Millennial style does exactly that. Bringing in florals mixed with stripes is no longer a faux pas. The key to mixing patterns is keeping a color story, whether that’s maintaining the same color in all of the prints or using complementary colors on the color wheel. Such as the green couch with the pops of orange, purple and blue shown in the image above. These colors are all complementary of one another and they kept it all in pastels, therefore saturation matters as well. To keep it fun and fresh the designer threw in an animal print— which is the fun of this style.

A major factor within this aesthetic is that it is bringing nostalgia to our home. The calming pastels are bringing us back to our grandma’s bedroom and the rich velvet, jewel tones, and moody colors bring us back to our grandfather’s den. Mixing different patterns and bringing unexpected textures and materials draw your eye across the room and create an effect that is irreplicable. Which in today’s time is something we are all subconsciously craving.

So what do you think? Will you be buying tasseled table lamps or velvet pillows the next time you go out shopping?

Photo Credit for Header Image: Real Homes