We see trends come and go with the seasons, but there are a handful of unique requests that seem to be taking over the design world right now. Here are a few high-demand styles that residents are requesting from the best interior designers in Long Beach:

Bold Two-Tone Color Schemes 

One challenge we often see as home interior designers in Long Beach: emboldening and defining a space without overcomplicating it. Two-tone color palettes fulfill this demand seamlessly. Choosing complimentary wall colors that act as a backdrop for strategically pigmented furniture and decor is a great way to add creativity to the home— and we’ve been seeing it a lot lately. 

Pronounced Bathrooms 

We’ve noticed that residents are keen on adding a touch of drama to their more enclosed spaces. Colorful walls, vintage furniture and eclectic decor are taking over Long Beach interior design, and adding a bit of texture and personality to the bathroom is a low-profile way to accomplish this— think patterned tiles, creative shower spaces and diverse decorations. 

Mindful Rooms

The best interior designers in Long Beach understand that the presentation of a space correlates directly with the inhabitants’ emotions and wellbeing. Different colors can elicit different emotional responses, clutter can provoke anxiety and textures can promote a sense of peace when used correctly. We’ve seen a lot of demand for designing spaces that are mindful of these unconscious triggers. 

Work With the Best Interior Designers in Long Beach 

Whatever the function and aesthetic of your desired space, Historia Design can help make it a reality. We offer full-service residential design from concept to completion, working alongside the best contractors, engineers and trades in the business.

As one of the top home interior designers in Long Beach, we specialize in modernizing with integrity and believe every space should celebrate the style and functionality of its inhabitants. 

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