Finding the right fit for a home interior designer in Los Cerritos can be challenging— the city has a rich history long preserved since its inception. Those residing in the estate-style homes find it difficult to modernize their surroundings without sacrificing their historic value. 

Historia Design stands out among Los Cerritos interior designers, specializing in modernizing homes with integrity through our historic property consulting services:

Historic Property Consulting 

Our historic property consulting services aim to preserve the history of longstanding homesteads while modernizing them with promising new development. We have a number of homes in our portfolio that exhibit our quest to weave the past and present seamlessly without one overshadowing the other. 

Nominating Your Property for a Historic Register

Nominating your home for the National Register of Historic places deems your property worthy of national preservation— if your home meets the qualifications, we can help list your home on the historic register. If you’re concerned with maintaining your property’s history, it’s essential to align those motives with your home interior designer in Los Cerritos. 

Qualify Your Property for the Mills Act Tax Abatement Program

The Mills Act Tax Abatement Program is an economic incentive program that prioritizes the preservation and restoration of private properties. If you’re looking to modernize your historic property, that can help offset the costs of your home improvement projects. 

Proposed Renovation Within Compliance 

Once your home is considered a historic property, there are certain regulations you have to follow. We can submit a proposed renovation for design review that remain within the guidelines— we can also submit forms for compliance. 

Design Consulting for Homes in Historic Neighborhoods

Historia Design can also provide consulting services to renovate your home while preserving its historic aesthetic inside and out. We have the expertise and desire to complete the necessary research and documentation for your historic property. 

Choosing the right home interior designer in Los Cerritos can be the difference between preserving the historic value of your property or regenerating it completely. 

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