Modern interior designers are constantly looking ahead to design trends and opportunities to enhance spaces— whether you’re opting for a full redesign or simply want to touch up the area, it’s important to know what’s in and what’s out this year.

Interior design is no longer just about form— we’re placing heavy emphasis on practicality as the dynamic of homes shifts toward becoming an all-use space. With performance in mind, designers are coming up with new ways to repurpose spaces for aesthetic functionality and inspired productivity. Here are some home interior design styles you’ll see in 2022:

A Space Unique to You

You’ve probably seen hundreds of stock-photo-like images of minimalist homes that are white, gray, and…more white. While this contemporary aesthetic is no doubt enticing, modern interior designers are gravitating toward personal expression in the home. Touches of color, flora and fauna and other natural elements are making a strong push this year. Spruce up the room with indoor plants, busy designs and complimentary colors. Anything you’d like to see in your space that will promote productivity and enjoyment. And of course, one trend that never dies: natural lighting.

Outside In

Nature will be a constant feature of home interior design trends in 2022, especially since most of us have missed having unrestricted access to the outside world. Plants, organic fibers and natural patterns can be integrated into any style and home to inspire residents and charm the space.

Function Over Form

Not only have we exhausted this avant-garde, essentials-only approach, but present-day circumstances have forced us to reconsider the concept of form over function. There are plenty of ways to create your desired aesthetic while enhancing the space’s functionality. Multi-use furniture, fashionable storage and lighting tricks can help optimize rooms for their intended purpose. These home interior design styles that encompass both capability and visual aesthetic find the happy medium between minimalism and maximalism.

Work With the Best Modern Interior Designers

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