Long Beach is known for its jaunty beach-town atmosphere and multitude of outdoor activities. Residents of the coastal suburb are known to maintain beautifully furnished and designed homes with a light, contemporary style. 

But how do you find the best interior designer in Long Beach to match your desired aesthetic? Here are some tips if you’re looking to upgrade your home: 

Desire to Develop a Strong Working Relationship

Some services you just can’t buy— working with a designer whose passion has more to do with design and satisfaction rather than finances is one aspect you should pay close attention to you. 

Any designer can create a generic stock-image home, but finding the best interior designer in Long Beach means working with one who’s willing to match your personality, preferences and aesthetic. Ideally, they’ll sit down with you and really get to know you and your desires in order to create a space that celebrates your individuality and style. 

Whether you want to be more involved in the process or prefer to keep it hands-off, your designer should know exactly what would suit you. Asking the right questions before hiring a designer is a great way to ensure you’re expectations are being met (or ideally, exceeded!). 

Understanding Their Overall Aesthetic

Every top interior designer in Long Beach will add their own personal touch, which you can notice in their previous work. Examining their portfolios to see if their style can match your desired appearance is imperative— although their previous jobs might not be exactly what you’re hoping for in your home, you can definitely get a sense of their abilities. 

For example, if you’re looking for a busier, colorful and functional atmosphere rather than the modern minimalist vibe, make sure their portfolio has something that showcases their ability to appease. If you’re looking to keep up with interior design trends, it’s important that their website demonstrates their capacity to adapt. 

Fulfillment Within Your Budget

Part of the challenge of interior design is being able to fulfill a client’s wishes while staying within budget— it’s crucial to find a designer who’s willing to work with only what they’re allocated for the project. If they’re pushing for more money or keep increasing the budget after it’s been established, they probably aren’t a fit. 

Working with a Top Interior Designer in Long Beach 

Historia Design offers full-service design as a top interior designer in Long Beach. We believe in modernizing with integrity, through design and historic property consulting services. 

After just one conversation with us, you’ll see that our goal is to understand you and your preferences to design a home that showcases your personality while matching your desired aesthetic— all while staying within budget.  

Contact us to tell us about your project.