Whether you’re living the low square footage life or just want to optimize living space, home interior designers in Long Beach have the perfect recommendations for broadening the homestead. 

Here are some tips from Long Beach interior designers: 

Scale Your Furnishings 

Make sure to avoid bulky items and clutter in your living space. Opt for sleek furniture and decor placed strategically so they have plenty of space to breathe. If you’re big on statement pieces, hang or mount them from the walls and ceilings so they don’t take up floor space. Utilize shelves and storage as much as possible to avoid overcrowding livable areas. 

Pro tip from home interior designers in Seal Beach: Purchasing furniture lower to the ground adds a feeling of openness by freeing up the space overhead. Adjust your decor accordingly and watch your perspective change! 

Optical Illusions

There are a number of ways to trick the mind into perceiving there’s more space than what’s allotted. Adding mirrors is a clever way to feign openness, as they reflect the light and surroundings to add more depth. Letting the light in by removing drapes altogether or replacing them with breezy fabrics adds a sense of airiness. 

Pro tip from Long Beach interior designers: Painting the walls with neutral colors expands the appearance of a room— the same rules apply to furniture and decor. 

Work with Top Home Interior Designers in Long Beach 

No matter the size of the space, Historia Design can help you optimize every square foot, prioritizing style and functionality while staying true to your vision. 

Our Long Beach interior designers specialize in modernizing with integrity through design and historic property consulting services. Every project we complete has a tailored approach that’s first inspired by the way you live and then addresses the form and style that makes your home unique. 

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