While the holiday time is intended for cheer, we can often find ourselves overstretched and scrambling to stay on top of our tasks. Many top interior designers in Rancho Palos Verdes note the importance of color psychology to set the tone and energy of a space for the holidays. 

Here are ways that you can incorporate color psychology for your seasonal decor: 


The color red is a stimulating hue often associated with passion, energy, excitement and sometimes anger. We know it might be tempting to follow traditional Christmas schemes and plaster your home with red decor, but first consider the environment you’re in. 

The holidays can be filled with heightened emotions, and overdoing the red might enhance the intensity. Try incorporating splashes of red instead of enveloping the space in it— you might thank us later. 


White color psychology promotes feelings of clarity and helps our mind focus and organize itself. In the context of holiday decor, we’d recommend leading with the color white, as it can present us with a calming atmosphere and help our subconscious minds feel at ease, even with the busy season in full effect. 

Ornaments, table runners, blankets, furniture and any other white decor can be beneficial in promoting a sense of organization and focus during the holiday season. Top interior designers in Rancho Palos Verdes will often recommend white as the foundation of your seasonal decor. 


Greens, of course, are associated with nature and communicate harmony, balance and peace. Green is another great color to lead with during the holiday season— especially if your family is prone to conflict! 

Adding plants (like your Christmas tree), wreathes, blankets and other green decor to the mix can help your guests feel at ease during the holidays. We’ve been saying all year that the “outside-in” trend is in full force— don’t leave it out of your holiday decor! 

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