Since a lot of us have had extra time on our hands lately we may have given extra thought to remodeling our home and office spaces. We spend great portions of our days in these spaces and making them look good will make you feel good. Interior design in Long Beach is forever evolving and it can be hard to achieve a timeless look that doesn’t need to constantly be updated. Historia’s interior designers suggest a few simple features that would suit any space at any season.

Working At Home

In a home office we want to feel professional and productive but not too far away from the comforts of home. This environment should be smartly organized and making use of built-in storage will help keep the entire space clutter-free. Choose elements that bring you a sense of calm such as a reliable desk near a window. Adding a decorative pillow to the desk chair or an attractive wallpaper creates a comfortable and personalized space.

Old Is New

Vintage is making a comeback! Achieving a look of elegance can be a challenge but home interior designers at Long Beach know just the right balance to keep your home from looking outdated. Antiques are the foundation of the vintage style. When making your selection consider the furniture’s condition and whether it has sturdy joints to withstand daily wear and tear. These statement pieces create a relaxed atmosphere with warmth and charm.

Bold Color Palette

Interior designers in Long Beach love mixing warm and cool colors with textures and patterns. That might sound a little chaotic but in just the right concentration of each, you can accomplish an outstanding and unique look for your home. In the warmer climate of Southern California, warmer tones on the walls will bring the sunshine inside. In smaller spaces hanging a textured tapestry on the wall can add dimension to an otherwise dull wall.