Trends have a habit of recirculating— no matter how much they evolve, the fundamental aspects of previous designs always resurface in a new, modern form. That being said, it’s time to revisit your vintage decor and pull out the record players— interior design in Long Beach is seeing a blast from the past: 

70’s Inspired Vibes

It’s not for everyone, but nostalgia and generational remorse has brought us right back to the 70s. Top interior designers in Long Beach are noticing the reemergence of browns and greens, round shapes and hard patterns, retro furniture and textured… everything.

While not everyone agrees that we can revisit the groovy disposition of the third great awakening, interior design in Long Beach is all about self-expression— and we’ve seen how great this can look with a little bit of modernization. 

Eclectic Everything

We’ve talked about interior design trends shifting from minimalist luxury to the busier, eclectic style, but top interior designers in Long Beach predict this trend is here to stay. Layers, fashionable clutter and a more lived-in appeal recalls the past in a way that integrates with the present. 

Whether your taste leans toward boho-chic, modern rustic, contemporary or anything in between, adding the eclectic feel to your environment adds layers and a more personalized feel to the space. 

Modernizing the Past

Every aspect of the past that you’re bringing into the present can always be generated with a modern twist. Replace shag rugs with textured carpeting, scale down the maximalism if you’re overwhelmed with clutter— anything that you need to make the space desirable and personal to you. 

Interior Design in Long Beach to Match Any Aesthetic

Whether you’re all-in for trends or want to put your own twist on a space, Historia Design can help turn your dream home into a reality. Our goal is to understand you as a person and what you hope to get out of your home, so we can create the perfect space to match your personality and aesthetic.

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