Our interior designers have been proudly offering services in the Redondo Beach area for many years.

Permit Drawing Services Interior Design Redondo Beach

If seeking to renovate your current home or workspace, you will find that permit drawing services are essential. We like to take away the stress of having to verify if the actions you would like to take are legal on your lot by doing it for you. Historia Design and Consulting is proud to offer permit drawing services to their clients. Our team works hard to ensure that we can create accurate drawings so that interior designers can help make your plans a reality for you.

Interior Design Services Redondo Beach

Interior design in Redondo Beach, Historia Design and Consulting, offers interior design services. This way, we can work with you all the way through your process. Here, we value our customers’ vision and through our expertise, we can realize this vision. Regardless of the type of environment you wish to create, we work to ensure that we can work to create something that matches what you are looking for. This way you can utilize your space as a way to make yourself memorable to those who visit it.

Interior Space Planning Services Redondo Beach

Interior space planning is not generally considered by individuals looking to renovate their space. However, it is something that is crucial and should not be neglected. Through interior space planning, you are able to plan beyond the aesthetics and consider the functionality of your space. Interior space planning can be extremely necessary to ensure that you do not regret the placing of certain items in your new space. We at Historia Design and Consulting would like to remove the additional stress this may add to your planning experience by providing the service for you. This way, we can consider both the utility of your space and the visual style you wish to create to craft a space that will leave you beyond pleased.

3D Rendering Services Redondo Beach

Are you finding that 2D planning can be too simple for what you plan on accomplishing? Historia Design and Consulting would like to inform you that this is not a problem. Here, we are able to offer 3D rendering services to make sure that we are able to encapture all aspects of your vision. With 3D rendering services, you will gain the ability to produce life-like illustrations so that you are able to see the results of your planning before the actual implementation. Historia Design and Consulting work to create realistic images so that your interior design Redondo Beach is the best possible. This service provides a life-like illustration of your vision so you are able to plan every aspect of your remodeling process.

interior design Redondo Beach
interior design Redondo Beach

“I had the pleasure of leasing to and selling two of Jacqueline’s properties. Having shown hundreds, perhaps thousands, of properties as a landlord and realtor, I have yet to be as impressed as I have been by Jacqueline’s panache and sense of style.  Her properties really did sell themselves.  All I had to do was open the door.”


“Jacqueline is sweet, organized, professional, and creative.  She believes in building a relationship with her clients so she can actualize their vision.  She is easy to work with and she will capture the essence of your space.  I am proud to call her my friend.  Thank you for making MY Pediatrics and Respiratory Care Clinic a safe and welcoming place for the community.  You made it sparkle and shine”

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