Our interior design team has been proudly offering services in the Rolling Hills area for many years.

Permit Drawing Services Rolling Hills

Historia Design and Consulting provides interior design services in Rolling Hills. One of the various services offered is permit drawing services. A permit drawing is a necessity if you are a homeowner wishing to expand. Permits are mandatory to let the city know about the expansion of your home, including spacing and dimensions. Historia Design and Consulting can create accurately drawn layouts in order to get a permit to grow or expand your home.

Interior Design Services Rolling Hills

An essential part of everyone’s agenda should be interior design. Interior design is for both – homes and business owners. Interior design in Rolling Hills increases productivity in terms of the atmosphere that people spend time in their day to day life. Historia Design and Consulting has a team of interior designers with the creativity and experience needed in order to change the appearance of the room and create the clients’ dream room.

Interior Space Planning Services Rolling Hills

Interior space planning is a service that Historia Design and Consulting offers. If you are wishing to buy new furniture, art, or products for a room, you need to plan the space ahead of time. This makes it so that every item that is purchased, is the correct dimensions in order to complement the rest of the room and objects without any clutter.

3D Rendering Services Rolling Hills

A modern way to create renderings in today’s modern age is through 3d renderings. 3D renderings are a more accurate way to display to clients what their rooms will look like. This creates a more precise layout to eliminate any errors that may be found in 2D. Historia Design and Consulting has this unique tool to present clients with a 3D version of their room plans.

interior design Rolling Hills
interior design Rolling Hills

“I had the pleasure of leasing to and selling two of Jacqueline’s properties. Having shown hundreds, perhaps thousands, of properties as a landlord and realtor, I have yet to be as impressed as I have been by Jacqueline’s panache and sense of style.  Her properties really did sell themselves.  All I had to do was open the door.”


“Jacqueline is sweet, organized, professional, and creative.  She believes in building a relationship with her clients so she can actualize their vision.  She is easy to work with and she will capture the essence of your space.  I am proud to call her my friend.  Thank you for making MY Pediatrics and Respiratory Care Clinic a safe and welcoming place for the community.  You made it sparkle and shine”

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