Our interior designers have been proudly offering services in the Seal Beach area for many years.

Permit Drawing Services Seal Beach

Permit drawings are necessary if you are planning to expand your home or office and require a permit to do so. When it comes to permit drawings, they need to be accurate and precise, and with Historia Design and Consulting, they will be. Through years of drawing expertise, we are able to make your permits. Historia Design and Consulting can create accurate drawings for any permits you may need in order to build onto your property.

Interior Design Services Seal Beach

Interior design Seal Beach services are available through Historia Design and Consulting. We have years of experience with interior design and helping clients. Clients will let us know their vision and we will do the difficult task for them. Our team scouts artifacts, furniture, and art in order to pull a room together. You don’t have to have a high income to have an interior designer – this is a myth! Anyone can call us at Historia Design and Consulting in order to have the room and space of their dreams. Productivity is often the result of a room with a good aesthetic.

Interior Space Planning Services Seal Beach

Interior space planning consists of planning out space before any furniture or renovations can occur. This is extremely helpful for those who want to redecorate their home or workspace. Interior space planning prevents any wrongly-sized artifacts to be purchased, only to find out it doesn’t fit in your room. Historia Design and Consulting pay attention to detail in order to help clients plan ahead of time.

3D Rendering Services Seal Beach

3D renderings are the new way to provide templates or layouts. We provide interior design services in Seal Beach, and this is among one of them. 3D renderings are a more realistic way to provide drawings, sketches, or layouts for clients. This advanced technology lets us at Historia Design and Consulting to know exactly what our clients want, and be able to properly show them the end result. Through 3D rendering, there is a clear visualization of where everything is placed and you get an advantage of seeing something you wouldn’t normally see in 2D.

interior design Seal Beach
interior design Seal Beach

“I had the pleasure of leasing to and selling two of Jacqueline’s properties. Having shown hundreds, perhaps thousands, of properties as a landlord and realtor, I have yet to be as impressed as I have been by Jacqueline’s panache and sense of style.  Her properties really did sell themselves.  All I had to do was open the door.”


“Jacqueline is sweet, organized, professional, and creative.  She believes in building a relationship with her clients so she can actualize their vision.  She is easy to work with and she will capture the essence of your space.  I am proud to call her my friend.  Thank you for making MY Pediatrics and Respiratory Care Clinic a safe and welcoming place for the community.  You made it sparkle and shine”

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