So much has changed this past year, especially the way we look at our homes. Homes have become much more than just a place where we sleep and eat dinners, it has now become our office and classroom, a place where we have spent all hours of the day in this year. It only makes sense why the interior design trends of 2021 are expected to be much different than 2020, where function plays as important of a role as color.

Comfort and warmth are key in this year’s new home design trends. For furniture, you will see more use of natural materials like rattan in furniture to help bring in warmth and light to a space. Earthy color palettes like those olive greens and rusty oranges also help invoke that cozy feeling and will be seen much more of on walls, kitchen cabinets, and furniture fabrics. Plants have become quite popular and are here to stay, they increase the feeling of well-being and keep homes cool and pollutant-free.

Interior design trends

Being in our homes this whole year has also invoked this new love for home décor, which has led many to completely renovate their homes. If you are looking to redo your home, cottagecore is a home décor style that you should have your eyes on, especially for those who want to have cozy nostalgic vibes to their space. This style incorporates the use of traditional styles but with a twist, and lots of plants if you were to look up inspiration images on Pinterest.

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Functionality is another important thing to keep in mind for the design trends for this year as many are continuing WFH (work from home) and school from home. Multi-purpose spaces will be a space that many will want to create in their homes if they have that spare living room or perhaps a multi-purpose nook in some corner of the house. Transitioning rooms from playrooms to classrooms is also quite popular.

Another helpful and less costly option would be choosing furniture pieces that serve more than once function such as a secretary desk. These are just a few of the new interior design trends we have seen emerge in 2021.

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