The kitchen tends to be a central hub of the house where everyone gathers to have meals and engages in conversation with one another; and due to all this activity in the kitchen, you want to make sure that you have a setup that reflects who you are as a person, as well as captures the right energy you want to surround yourself in. Embarking on a kitchen remodel doesn’t have to be as daunting as you might think, so here are some tips to help you capture the right energy in your kitchen.

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The first thing you will want to dive into is the organization. All that extra stuff that you might have sitting on your counter needs a home, whether that’s in your kitchen or at a donation center. There are many organizational tools out there such as cabinet inserts, shelving, cupboard cubbies, etc. that can help remove that negative clutter from your life. Once all the unnecessary items are gone, you can move onto the fun part, colors and finishes!


The next thing you will want to look at while remodeling your space is your kitchen surfaces. Different types of surfaces such as porcelain, granite, glass, etc. can dramatically change your kitchen’s energy. Not only do changes in backsplashes and countertops help, but simply changing the color of your cabinets can make a dramatic difference. All you’ll need is your selected paint color and some time, and you’ll have yourself a renovated kitchen!



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To elevate your kitchen experience, take note of the lighting you currently have, because lighting plays a huge role in our everyday moods. The dimmer the lighting, the less interested we are to be in that space because lights that are lower and warmer tend to make us sleepy and lazy. Adding brighter lights to your kitchen renovation will significantly enhance your energy and interest to be in the kitchen.





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Remodeling your kitchen with these kitchen remodel tips in mind can completely upgrade you to your dream kitchen. If you’re having trouble imagining what your dream kitchen looks like, simply start your search with kitchen remodeling ideas or kitchen design ideas and let your creativity do the rest!