Although monochrome minimalism had its time in the spotlight, Long Beach interior designers have seen trends veer into homier, textured and more eclectic looks. If you’re looking for ways to add a little personality without completely redesigning your home, knowing what to focus on and how to do it is important. 

Here are some creative ways to add character to your home, from a top interior designer in Long Beach: 

Bring the Past to the Present

We’re seeing this everywhere with interior design in Long Beach— the return of the 70s, vintage everything, grand-maximalism rising from the ashes. If you’re not committed to a full redesign, adding modern versions of past styles in the form of accent lighting, art, textiles and furnishings is a great place to start. You can also make more subtle changes by adding vintage hardware throughout the home, like glass door knobs and brass hinges. 

Experiment with Texture

You might not realize how much texture adds to a space, but working with a top interior designer in Long Beach might help you understand the depth and personality it can introduce to a home. Not only will it enhance the look, but it also reforms the feel of a space. Accent walls, rugs, pillows and creative decor that experiment with textures are a clever way to add character to the home. 

Focus on the Windows 

Anyone with a focus on detail understands the importance of dressing up bland windows. Consider framing windows with colorful, textured covers or adding shutters to adorn the opening and filter light. Long Beach interior designers have seen a rise in reading nooks, functional window-facing desks and indoor plants that cleverly frame a window. 

Work With a Top Interior Designer in Long Beach 

As one of the highest-rated Long Beach interior designers, Historia Design’s goal is to help you create a space that fully represents you. We’re constantly finding new ways to add unique design elements that add character to a home while enhancing the look and feel of it. 

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