Beginning in the 1920s, modernism was at its peak for interior design. Designers such as Charles and Ray Eames introduced the concept of modern furniture and design; this has allowed numerous other designers to push the boundaries when it comes to designing a space. According to, modernism refers to the style or movement in the arts that aims to break with classical and traditional forms. As times have passed, many trends have begun to go old and individuals have continued to push for styles that are unique and rare.

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Objets Nomade, Louis Vuitton

For example, Marcel Wanders has become one of the top influential interior designers; he is known for pushing boundaries and always creating spaces that are unique. Wanders is a designer based out of the Netherlands. He is mostly known for his residential, commercial and product design. Objets Nomades is a product line that Wanders designed for Louis Vuitton. Wanders created these pieces that “express a heritage of quality and exploration” ( OH! by Wanders & Yoo is a result of a collaboration with Uribe and Schwarzkopf; this space is known for being a residential oasis by having heavily nature-inspired elements. This space occupies two towers of the 102 apartments in Ecuador. The decision of keeping the space lively with such bold colors and statement pieces have left lots of spectators in awe when they first announced OH! in 2016.

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OH! by Wanders & Yoo, Ecuador

On the other hand, 1508 London is one of the most recognizable interior design firms in the world. They’re mainly known for their residential spaces all over London. My personal favorites from 1508 London are the Ilchester Place Townhouse, Regent’s Crescent Garden Villas and the Kensington Apartment. All three spaces have such a tasteful color palette and clean designs. The mixture of the unusual (but in a good way!) furniture pieces and finishes are what make this firm unique. They continue to experiment with various silhouettes and that’s what makes this firm so admirable.

iilchester place

Ilchester Place Townhouse, London

regents crescent

Regent’s Crescent Garden Villas, London










Trends have continued to change and styles have been evolving; and I think that’s what makes interior design really fun and unique! Which up and coming designers have inspired you? Or which modern interior designers will remain timeless over the years to come?

kensignton apartment

Kensington Apartment, London