Interior designers in Long Beach are always on the hunt for the latest trends— right now we’re noticing a shift from the modern, achromatic style into more mood-setting colors. We’re after the duality of something bold and subtle, timeless and trendy. Here are the newest trends that Long Beach interior designers have been keeping up with:

Boosting Creative Spaces With A Pop of Color

Black, white and grey interiors are becoming outdated as designers and homeowners notice that colors liven up a space. You can have rooms with different themes, providing alternate moods and sensations to create a brighter atmosphere.

Interior designers in Long Beach found out that orange and yellow are colors known to inspire creativity— these colors are best suited in spaces like the playroom, creative studio or kitchen. Whether your home has a sleek, modern finish or wood and white furnishings, bringing in some orange and yellow can bring life to the room and ultimately help you feel more inspired when cooking, creating or during playtime.

Soft and Sleepy

Long Beach interior designers suggest keeping the bedroom calm with soft, faded colors. Anything from neutral tones to sage green to dusty pink brings a warm, cozy feeling to the bedroom. The most important aspect of a bedroom is to make it a space where you feel relaxed and get into a calmer headspace before going to sleep. The easiest way to do this is with the right color scheme.

Creating a Productive Workspace

In recent months many of us have become very accustomed to working from home. Most interior designers in Long Beach would recommend playing with tones that match your kind of work— for example, a vibrant workspace might do well with orange tones with high intensity. On the other hand, if your kind of work requires mental strength and stamina, deep hues of blue might be able to invoke an atmosphere that encourages you to focus.

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