Known for its alluring beaches, charming neighborhoods and eclectic shops, Seal Beach offers a small-town appeal in the midst of big city life. Long Beach interior designers recognize the duality of the city’s aesthetic, which is why 2022 interior design trends are leaning toward organic living spaces with an emphasis on the everyday, natural feel.

Here are the trends Long Beach interior decorators think will complement spaces best in 2022:

Natural Lighting

The best home decor comes from nature herself. Designers are constantly emphasizing the wonders of natural lighting, and luckily, most Long Beach homes have plenty of it. Encompassing organic luminance helps achieve a rich atmosphere and productive working environment, which is especially essential now that our homes have become our workspaces, daycare centers, relaxation zones and recreation centers.

If your home lacks natural lighting, there are ways to mimic this style without actually needing to move or turn walls into windows.

Fauna & Flora

Since we’re still on the topic of nature, biodiversity in the home seems to be a common theme throughout the Long Beach interior design community, and we’re here for it. Splashes of animal and floral patterns inspired by the natural world add a little uninhibited excitement to any space. Try switching out a couple of throw pillows or alternating your lampshades— fauna and flora designs are a quick and simple way to spruce up the living space while keeping up with trends.

House Plants

Whether your style errs on the side of grand-millennial maximalism or the simplicity of alabaster modernity, house plants are a necessity to any space. Add a small plant in the corner or turn your home into a jungle— whatever you decide, house plants are in this year (and probably every year for the foreseeable future).

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