We’ve been reveling in the warm tones, earthy accents and fall decor since early September when the Autumn transition hit in full force. As one of the top interior design firms in Long Beach and surrounding areas, it’s our goal to act as a resource for those who want their daily aesthetic to flow with the seasons. 

Here are some of our favorite fall aesthetics this year: 

Earthy Elements

Whether you’re using earthy elements in your decor, furniture or accent pieces, textured sandtones, terracotta and muted greens are perfect for Autumn and beyond! We’ve seen clients, friends and fellow interior designers get creative with their lighting fixtures, coffee table decor, pillows and indoor foliage— we’d highly recommend bringing outdoor elements to your interior this fall! 

Checkerboard Patters 

We know checkerboard and other bold design patterns can be controversial, but hear us out: even highly disputed styles done right can add a remarkable zest to a space. Purchase that checkerboard vase you’ve been eyeing, replace your old living room rug or grab that bath mat you might’ve never considered before— 2022 is the year of YOU. If a neutral-toned checkerboard accent makes you smile, do it! Many interior design firms in Long Beach have noticed the popularity of checkerboard patterns and busy visual elements in 2022. 

Metallic Accents 

Keeping in line with the earthy elements, metallic accents parallel the fall aesthetic seamlessly. Replacing your kitchen handholds with brass, switching your doorknobs, upgrading your bathroom’s towel holders— the little things make a difference! You can also go a little bigger with metallic accent lighting, decor or kitchenware. 

Work with One of the Top Interior Design Firms in Long Beach 

Of course, if you’re looking to do a full-scale or partial redesign, Historia Design can help! We’ll help create a versatile space that can be easily embellished with the seasons. 

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