Every trend serves a purpose and time, but as we evolve in our design preferences, some comforts are more difficult to say goodbye to. The best interior designers in Long Beach explain trends we foresee phasing out after this year and why. 

Here are interior design trends to leave in 2022: 

Open Concept Spaces 

Open-concept homes are visually stunning, but as functionality eclipses style in the design industry, we all have to admit to ourselves that privacy has become more essential in our day-to-day than improved traffic flow or lighting dispersion. 

There are many advantages and disadvantages to open floor plans, but ultimately, you want a space that serves its function for every phase of your life— including gaining a little privacy when you have a family. Top interior designers in Long Beach agree that a closed or more “hybrid” floor plan will reign in the years to come. 

Monochromatic Environment

Monochromatic colors have been a gradual closeout as well, but throughout the year we’ve noticed the intent many clients have to completely dissolve this one-color concept altogether. If you’re still hanging on to the modernity of a monochromatic atmosphere, we assure you, there are other ways to achieve your desired aesthetic by adding a little flare to your palette. 

We’ve been reporting on trends all year that encourage residents to express themselves and set the tone of their homes through colors and color psychology. Top interior designers in Long Beach feel that monochromatism will disappear altogether in 2023. 

Stainless Steel Appliances 

Stainless steel was once a staple for high-end kitchens. However, like the monochromatic look, the industrial feel of these appliances is likely to be replaced with more unique features— likely matte appliances, textured natural elements and other customized finishes. 

Although top interior designers in Long Beach are noticing the decline of stainless steel requests, we’re not suggesting they’ll disappear altogether. We just think alternatives will gradually replace traditional stainless steel. 

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