Finally, the moment we’ve all been waiting for— summer in Southern California. At this point, we’re ready to pitch a tent and sleep outdoors until September hits. Or, we could just bring the outdoors into our home. 

Here are the summer trends for 2022, according to a top interior designer in Long Beach: 

Open Plan Living

Nature doesn’t have walls, why should we? Open plan living is one modern movement that hasn’t lost momentum, but we are emphasizing its significance in summer 2022. Depending on your exact location, open plans might be the norm when it comes to interior design in Long Beach. 

However, if it’s not, there are ways to transform traditional floor plans to extend the space— but unless you have experience with renovations, you’re going to want to leave it to the professionals. A top interior designer in Long Beach will be able to expand your floorplan while connecting the space in a way that’s eye-catching and enhances the atmosphere. This is ideal for entertaining guests— something we hope to be doing a lot of in summer 2022. 

Endless Outdoors

Interior design in Long Beach has emphasized the “outside-in” trend for months, and it feels like it’s here to stay. Not only do we love tastefully placed plants and statement foliage, but bringing the natural textures and tones inside magnifies the ambiance of a space in ways that passing trends could only hope to achieve. 

Shades of green, blue and beige throughout the home add a simplified depth and organic feel, whether it’s the paint on the walls or the furniture throughout. Wooden walls and accents mixed with deep greens are popular right now— and likely for the foreseeable future. 

Working with a Top Interior Designer in Long Beach

Historia Design is one of the best interior designers in Long Beach. Our reputation precedes us because we make it our priority to understand you as an individual and the vision you have for your dream home to create a space that matches your aesthetic and functional needs.

Interior design in Long Beach has never been stronger—contact us to learn more.