Top interior designers in Long Beach know that indoor plants are on an upward trend and are likely here for the long run. Minimalists can add a touch of nature to their interior, while eclectic lovers can style the space into a luxuriant jungle. 

Here’s some of the best foliage home interior designers in Long Beach recommend: 


For some people, plants are their babies— to others, they simply act as decor. For those who want maximum reward with minimal attention, there is a wide variety of house plants that are simple to maintain. Our personal favorite is the pothos plant, a trailing vine that you can all but neglect and it’ll still drape to beautiful lengths. Monsteras are another great low-maintenance option, known best by their towering, oversized leaves. 

Of course, air plants are a wonderful addition to any space and don’t need dirt or frequent watering to thrive— you can tuck them just about anywhere that can handle a bi-weekly misting. Snake plants require minimal watering and can grow in low light, perfect for those areas that don’t see much sun. Home interior designers in Long Beach adore the simplicity and versatility of these easy-care plants. 

Statement Foliage

If you’re going for the “wow” factor, statement plants will certainly catch your eye. Whether you’re looking to fill an empty space or make the area feel more organic, statement foliage adds an unmatched aesthetic. Bird of paradise plants grow up to 7-feet tall but don’t take up much space, as they prefer a tight pot to grow in. 

Yucca plants resemble palm trees, making them a fan favorite amongst top interior designers in Long Beach. Dracaena Marginatas come in many forms and will grow anywhere from 6 to 8-feet tall indoors. Their twisted, willowy trunk and spiked leaves make them appealing in any setting. 

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