While we know that even fully re-designing space doesn’t technically mean you’re stuck with it forever, you do want to get it right the first time. Top interior designers in Cerritos are masterful at creating a space that can satisfy the desired aesthetic of their clientele while being versatile enough to adapt to the times (and their ever-changing tastes). 

Here are some tips for choosing an interior designer that’s right for you

Understanding Your Needs 

You don’t need to know exactly what you want, but it’s essential to have a general understanding before you reach out to a designer. Is this a full-scale project or just a refresh? What is your desired aesthetic? What’s your budget? Do you want to be involved in the design process or leave it fully to the specialists? 

We recommend starting a Pinterest board with any spaces you fall in love with— this can help give your designer an idea of what you’re hoping to accomplish with your home. It’s also important to know exactly how much you’re willing to spend before you reach out for a consultation. 

The Research Process 

Start with researching design websites— try typing in “top interior designers in Cerritos” (or whichever location is in proximity to your home) and visit the best-rated websites you find. Read through the reviews so you can see what others who have worked with them are saying about their work, pricing and customer service. 

Analyzing their social media presence is important as well. Do their recent projects align with your intended vision? Do you get the feeling they’d be someone you’d like to work with on a project that will likely take an extended amount of time? Your attraction to their brand as a whole is essential in choosing your interior designer. 

The Consultation 

It doesn’t necessarily have to start with a formal consultation. It’s as simple as narrowing your search down to a handful of designers and reaching out to your top choices to let them know what you’re looking for. They should be open to discussing your project with you. The consultation period is where you figure out if your values, aesthetics and collaboration styles align. 

Do they have the qualifications, certifications and experience you’re looking for? You want to know the company’s specialties— what types of projects do they typically take on? Can they provide the services you’re looking for? Are they willing to collaborate with you to the extent you want to be involved? Discuss this openly with them, and you’ll be able to find a designer that works best for you. 

Work with Top Interior Designers in Cerritos

Historia Design strives to create spaces that celebrate our clients’ individuality and desired aesthetics. Our collaborative process works with you every step of the way to ensure the end results are exactly what you hoped for, and then some!

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