The bold yet understated eclectic luxe style is making waves in the design industry, according to top interior designers in Long Beach. Many long for the opulent, natural atmosphere that livens up the space with an intentionally busy aesthetic.

But how do you style this trend? 

Earth Tones with Splashes of Color

Long Beach interior design is already welcoming the shift to natural colors in the home— shades of brown are back and mix perfectly with pops of bolder colors that offer the feeling of the outdoors inside the home. Greens, blues, and fauna and flora accents are in right now. 

Leather and other nature-inspired furniture and upholstery or tactile rugs are a great way to set earth tones in the foundation of a space. From there, you can mix and match different natural decors with strategically-placed bursts of color throughout. 

Intentional Clutter

Top interior designers in Long Beach should be able to provide a maximalist appeal with minimal disarray— you can think of it as intentional clutter. To really get the “eclectic” feel of this style, it’s important that the space feels full and used, as if you have decor and pieces you’ve collected from all around the world. 

Books, plants, flowers, pillows, statement decor, textured rugs, lamps, and furniture— anything you can think of that will catch the eye while providing both extravagance and a “lived-in” atmosphere are a great way to fill the spaces of the eclectic luxe environment. 

Working with a Top Interior Designer in Long Beach

There’s no shortage of options when it comes to Long Beach interior design— but Historia Design stands out above the rest. We take the time to understand not only your desired aesthetic but also you as an individual. 

We’ll make recommendations based on our expertise, but never stamp your project with “our look”— the outcome is based entirely on our knowledge of who you are, what you want and how to portray that to the world. 

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