Interior design is a tricky environment to navigate with the constantly changing trends— even trends themselves are less distinct than before, as personal expression is encouraged and maximalism and minimalism are constantly feuding. Our top interior designers in Long Beach have put together a list of upcoming trends in 2022 to help you stay in style while adding your own personal touch.

Contemporary Conservatory

We love that biophilic design is being experimented with in all sorts of styles, from cottage core to making trees and plants statement pieces of living areas. Bringing the outside in can be done in numerous ways, but in 2022 we are introducing small conservatories in a sunny corner for the minimalist, or a grander display throughout the home for those who believe in “go big or go home.”

Round at the Edges

As nature is making its way inside, top interior designers in Long Beach are leaning towards organic shapes. This means sharp edges will be out in 2022 and furniture will appear soft, homey and comforting. A table that is rounded at the edges is by no means less bold than a cutting-edge table, furniture with smooth rims also has the power to add atmosphere or grab attention.

Pretty in Floral

While we wave goodbye to gray, we welcome back floral patterns. This design has been making a subtle yet significant comeback recently, which means that interior design in Long Beach will ebb with floral patterns. This is a versatile pattern that can be playful, elegant, cozy or smart. Floral looks good as a pillowcase or as wallpaper, your options are endless.

Work with One of the Top Interior Designers in Long Beach

However hard it may be to leave trends behind, we are very excited about the upcoming interior design trends in 2022. Our top interior designers in Long Beach will be embracing curves and creating bold, colorful features in interior spaces.

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