Interior design trends are fluid and known to come and go with the seasons. As we’re entering the new year, Long Beach interior designers predict what trends might become outdated in 2022.

Fast Furniture

Designers are giving ‘out with the old and in with the new’ a twist in 2022. In the past, many have turned to fast furniture because it’s easy, convenient and sleek. Fast furniture has the benefit of being readily available and easily assembled, however, interior design trends in Long Beach are shifting toward antique and unique furniture pieces in the new year.

Gray is Gone

Color schemes can stay trendy for up to a decade, but designers foresee gray’s decade coming to an end after 2021. Various shades of gray were in for a while, but we’re ready for a color pop. In the new year, you’ll likely be seeing a variety of pigments in homes, which will bring light and elegance to the space. Pair colors carefully with your unique furniture pieces and feel the space come alive!


Our Long Beach interior designers see open-plan living areas becoming less convenient the more time we spent at home. Home used to be a place to connect and unwind, but recently, the home has become the office, school, playground, social area and relaxation area in one. Without a separation between rooms, there is less privacy, and that one open-plan room becomes a space for everything. 2022 will most likely direct interior design to create designated spaces rather than the previous all-in-one.

Work with the Best Long Beach Interior Designers

These trends coming to an end open new possibilities for all interior spaces. With the new year on its way, now is the perfect time to update your outdated spaces.

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