For most of 2020, we have spent a great deal of time in our homes. These unpredictable circumstances have challenged us in how functional, hygienic, and clean a space is. As the year comes to an end, designers have been able to incorporate these key components into aesthetically pleasing kitchen trends that we’ll be able to see a lot of in the new year.


kitchen trends


The kitchen trend of two toned kitchens has evolved over the years. Rather than mixing various types of colors, we have transitioned to the pairing of textures. Colors and materials have also shifted to more darker, neutral tones. “The use of darker shades on surfaces such as worktops and backsplashes can be used to make a room feel very inviting,” says Ideal Home. A popular combination we’ve been seeing a lot are dark cabinets with wood. Many companies, such as LEICHT, have created ceramic stone and wood like materials to accomplish that organic and natural look; while also making kitchen surfaces easy to clean.




Handleless kitchen cabinets have been all the rage. This kitchen trend is heavily admired for its clean and minimalist design. Replacing the hardware with something more seamless such as a lip or pull out can still achieve that sleek look, while also remaining functional. The internal drawer acts as second level drawers, which utilizes the space well while also keeping the look of the cabinets seamless.






Instead of closed wall cabinets, open shelving has continued to appear in many homes— such as niche shelving and wall cladding. The ability to store as well as provide an aesthetically pleasing display in the kitchen has been extremely favorable. LEICHT shows that these niches can be used to showcase your favorite individual pieces. For an even harmonious look, the wall cladding has a thinner support as the base to hold up glassware and other kitchen essentials.



kitchen shelving