At Historia Design, we have both the experience and desire to help our clients create a home that exceeds their expectations and vision— we believe that our values and expertise are what set us apart as the best interior designer in Long Beach.

Here’s what you to expect when working with us: 

A Personalized Experience

We believe firmly that any home should reflect the personality and design of its inhabitants, which is why we take the time to understand you and your vision in depth before proceeding. Our goal is not to stamp your home with “our look”— we want your space to accurately portray you

During the consultation and planning process, we’ll ask the right questions: what styles are you most inspired by? Do you want to be involved in the process, or do you prefer a hands-off approach? What are your priorities when it comes to designing your space? Questions like these, and so many more, will help us better understand your vision. 

Transparency in the Process

When it comes to interior design in Long Beach, we believe that transparency is of utmost importance. Throughout the design process, we’ll ensure that you understand what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. Diligence with deadlines, ongoing communication and honesty are key for us— more traits that we believe distinguish us as the best interior designer in Long Beach. 

While we’ll always prioritize flexibility and make room for improvements, we’ll do so while remaining within the allotted budget discussed initially. There will be no surprises in the process, except the “wow factor” when you see your new home. 

Work With the Best Interior Designer in Long Beach

Passion for design is a rare yet important aspect when it comes to interior design in Long Beach— when you work with Historia Design, we become a source of creativity and a partner in the design process. 

We have limited bookings available, contact us to get started on your project!