Any interior decorator will be able to help you transform your home, but what exactly do top interior designers in Long Beach look for when they’re house hunting?

Here are 3 favorite design elements to look for in any home:

Bright and Light

If a space appears gloomy, a simple coat of paint could do the trick to liven up the area. Otherwise, a home with southern exposure will have plenty of natural light, which is a well-known favorite among top interior designers in Long Beach. They’ll keep a lookout for aesthetic, restored, or full spring line windows that bring the light in.

Cozy Corners

Little nooks and cozy corners can be the single element that makes a house your home. Bay windows are the perfect example. This kind of space is charming and homey— any interior decorator in Long Beach would see huge potential for this small area.

A bay window might be furnished to make a comfortable reading space or an alcove for playing. These are the places where you can share tranquil moments with yourself or your loved ones and ultimately add a useable aesthetic to your home.

Trims and Molding

It might sound too subtle to make a big difference, but molding and trims can be the distinct touch that makes your home unique. Elegant trims can add to the atmosphere of any room or be the one component that wows your guests when they enter.

Work with One of the Top Interior Designers in Long Beach

With these tips, you can confidently know what to look for aesthetically in the house-hunting process, or know what to ask an interior designer for when transforming your home.

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