Historia Design prides itself on being one of the best home interior designers in Long Beach, and you’ll know exactly why from the moment we begin working together. 

Here’s what you’ll experience working with us: 

Individualized Care

You might notice that our company is relatively small compared to other interior design firms in Long Beach— that’s because our goal is to provide personalized, one-on-one care to each of our clients. Investing 100% of our efforts into one project at a time allows us to conceptualize and complete renovations with the certainty and personalization you’re expecting from your designers. 

Home Interior Designers in Long Beach that Understand YOU  

The most important part of our design process comes with understanding exactly what you hope to achieve with your home, which means we take the time to know your vision, desired aesthetic, goals and aspirations and how you operate in your home on a daily basis. We take the first phase of our interior design process seriously, so we can understand the best ways to create a functional, exciting and welcoming space for you. 

View our testimonials to see first-hand accounts of those who have already worked with one of the best interior design firms in Long Beach. 

Years of Hands-On Experience

We have over five years of hands-on experience curating dream homes for dozens of clients. We believe in modernizing with integrity, which means we know exactly what it takes to take your space from concept to completion within the allotted timeline and budget. We work with the highest-quality contractors, engineers and resources available to ensure that your space will be optimized and functional for years to come. 

Work with Top Home Interior Designers in Long Beach

Are you ready to experience our full-service residential interior design? You can schedule a consultation, or just tell us about your next project! We’re happy to discuss our process and hear about the ways we can potentially help you create your dream home. 

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