Nothing designates the change of season like updating your interior to match the brisk, cheerful wintertime atmosphere. Interior design in Long Beach leans toward a modern, coastal and bright ambiance— we’ll show you ideas that flow seamlessly with this template.  

Here are 2022 interior design trends, according to top interior design firms in Long Beach: 

Sophisticated French Antique 

You can never go wrong with the sophisticated air of the vintage French look. Extravagant lighting fixtures, gold, white and beige accents, and classic-looking accessories are a trademark of this upscale style. 

Depending on your home now, this indulgent look might be a bit harder to achieve without an interior decorator in Redondo Beach— however, there are simple ways to accent your current layout to achieve the desired look. 

Winter Colors 

Choosing a winter palette depends entirely on individual preferences. Are you looking for the outside-in, natural look, with greens, whites and beiges? The ice and snow atmosphere centered around light blues and whites? A bolder, Christmas-esque style that emphasizes greens and reds? 

This article provides great ideas to choose your winter 2022 color scheme. Whatever you choose, remember: your space should reflect your personality and desired look. If you need help with interior design in Long Beach, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Decorative Storage Solutions

We don’t know how to explain it, but nothing feels more “winter” than some creative clutter. Open storage in itself is becoming more popular amongst interior design firms in Long Beach—your seasonal restorations are a great place to start. 

Bar carts, floating shelves and rustic metal storage pieces offer the open concept, just remember to either match your current aesthetic or your plans for future renovations. Turning to an interior decorator in Long Beach might be your best bet. 

Historia’s Interior Design in Long Beach

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